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3yr old Blue Heeler



8mo Old American Husky


Miss Kitty

2yr Old Longhair Cat



1.5yr old Great Pyrenees


As a 4 month old pup, Netty quit eating Kibble.  She would go a week without touching any of her food.   We started worrying that she wasn't getting enough nutrition.  We tried everything.  Canned food, rice, cooked meat, expensive dog kibble, cheap dog kibble.  Nothing.  The only thing she would eat is raw eggs.  We had been seeing more people trying raw with their pets and decided to try it.  We started her on Raw ground rabbit.  She loved it but only for a few days.  Then we tried Venison, Beef, and finally Sheep, which she gobbled up.  And her weight finally started coming back.  We could not believe how healthy and vibrant our big girl was!


4yr old Border Collie/Australian Shepard



8 wk old Kitten


Trooper-aka Orange Cat

2yr old Tabby



2yr Old Lilac Merle Great Dane


“....We had been running through the rounds of "high quality" limited ingredient kibble, probiotics and supplements with no improvements in his pudding BM's until I decided to give RAW a try. Even the commercially available RAW foods included undesirable ingredients such as potatoes and peas. And luckily I stumbled upon you guys on Craigslist! The improvements have been instant and his sores on his feet are almost gone, and the redness/swelling by his eyes is non existant. He is no longer is licking his butt and paws all night long either! The other added benefit of this diet is how small his poops have become! So much easier to pick up! That alone is worth the cost...”

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