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Essential Tripe

Everyone wants to know the truth. Popular games like Truth or Dare, Two Truths and A Lie, and Truth Be Told - all confirm the fact that deep down, we desire the truth. In everything!

So now it's our turn to share the truth with you. "The truth about what?" you may ask. Why, Tripe, of course!

Tripe (The edible stomach lining of cud-chewing ruminants - cattle, sheep, goats, etc.) may well be the most complete protein currently available on the pet food market, as it contains all the necessary amino acids any carnivore (Dog, cat, etc.) needs in order to function properly. In addition, Tripe is known for its digestive enzymes and probiotic properties, making it the perfect addition to any diet. Its balanced pH is also ideal for feeding raw.

At Black River Raw, we offer Ground Green (unbleached) Honeycomb Beef Tripe at a price that both you and your bank account can appreciate. From cattle raised locally in Central Wisconsin, our Tripe is Federally inspected by the USDA before being minimally processed within our facility.

In the spirit of being truthful, we believe Tripe is an essential aspect of every pet's diet, raw or otherwise. Try it today!

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