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No to Denaturants

"What on earth are denaturants?" That was the question going through our minds the first time we heard the term used in conversation. If you can relate to our initial reaction, and are completely unfamiliar with it, let us explain...

A denaturant, defined simply, is "a substance that causes the denaturation (destruction of the characteristic properties of proteins, etc. by heat, acidity, or other effects that disrupt its molecular conformation) of proteins or other biological compounds." Denaturants are commonly added to raw pet food, since according to USDA guidelines, (9 CFR 325.13) denaturing is required for "meat or meat food products which are affected with any condition that would result in their condemnation and disposal." Common denaturants include chemicals like crude carbolic acid, (a topical antiseptic) cresylic disinfectant, (a wood preservative) food coloring, (a petroleum product) detergent, powdered charcoal... to name a few. Sounds yummy, right?

Since all of our products are human - grade, (manufactured, packaged, and held in accordance with Federal regulations) this eliminates our need for denaturants entirely! All the meat we use for our pet food is top-quality, meaning NOTHING is taken from dead, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy animals.

That being said, while our products are human - grade, they are not necessarily recommended for human consumption, as some of our products, (such as our PMR Rabbit) contain bone chunks. In other words, you wouldn't want to throw it in the frying pan and cook it up for your family's supper. (*wink*)

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