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For all in state (Wisconsin) and surrounding areas that have SpeeDee Locations, we will be using them for shipping.

For all out of state orders, we are currently using FedEx.  We try to get your meat delivered within a 3 day time period.  If we do not believe that will happen, we will bump the date of shipment or return your payment.  We want your pet to receive it's food as fresh as we can.  Please keep in mind that some thawing may and will occur during delivery.  As long as the product reaches you still chilled is our goal.


Since all product is delivered Frozen and Raw, we do not allow returns.  We will refund on a case by case basis.  "My pet does not like it" cannot be a reason.  Please, when ordering a new product, try a small order first before purchasing a large order!  Every pet is different and have different needs and tastes!

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